Ancestry of Mary Gye

In THE REGISTER, vol. 115, p. 251, Oct. 1961, Mary Gye's ancestry is shown to include John Gye and his wife Mary Prowse, whose son Robert Gye died between 1604 and 1608, leaving a youngest daughter, Mary, wife of Rev. John Maverick.

When previous to this a search was made for an inquisition post mortem of John Gye (with variant spellings of Guy, Gee or Geeye), the contributor failed to note that there is an inquisition post mortem held at Plympton, co. Devon, 29/30 Hen. VIII (1538-1540), for one John Gey of Devonshire; it is only recently that a photocopy of this inquest has been obtained from the Public Record Office in London (i.p.m. No. E, 150/178/29). The parchment on which this proceeding was recorded in the reign of Henry VIII is eaten away along two borders and stained in the upper center; even so, enough of the text is decipherable to show that:

a. the deceased, with his wife Mary, was seized of the manors of Poughill and Doddridge, with lands in South Tawton, Crediton, Upton Hylyon, Chawleigh, Cheriton FitzPaine, South Affeton, Ermington, Kingsbridge, and Alyngton, all in co. Devon;

b. in 1520 when the said Mary had attained full age, they enfeoffed one Wm. Gilberd with certain of the lands for the use of their heirs; and

c. the said John Gey died on 14th Aug. 1536 and that his son and heir was Robert Gey then aged five years and more.

In the light of this information, we must now reconstruct the Gye pedigree to show that Robert Gye is identical with Robert Gye as indicated in 1961. Born about 1531 and dead by 1608, he had married 2dly, about 1555, Grace Dowrish as earlier shown; they were parents of Mary Gye who married John Maverick in 1600.

Mary Prowse was born not far from 1500, married in 1509, when still a minor, John Gye or Gey who died in 1536. Through her Prouse ancestry she was heir general of lands called Upcot in Cheriton FitzPaine, co. Devon, which had once belonged to her great-uncle, Nicholas Radford, the noted judge who was murdered about 1455.

In the light of these facts we must reexamine the assertion (THE REGISTER, vol. 115, p. 248) made in 1604 by the aforesaid Robert Gye, that he "gave great sums to Radford Maverick to bring up his [Gye's] daughter Mary, and that Maverick bestowed her in marriage to John Maverick his cousin german..."

Considering the font-name of Radford Maverick, that he was rector at Ilsington where the Gye family had lands prior to 1516, that Robert Gye entrusted his youngest daughter to Radford Maverick for upbringing, and that the said Robert descended from an heir general of a Radford property, we are justified in supposing that Radford Maverick may have been akin to Robert Gye.

Note that Robert Gye seems to have styled John Maverick the cousin-german of Radford Maverick. This raises doubt as to the correctness of the account of the Mavericks printed in THE REGISTER, vol. 69, where Radford Maverick is shown as uncle to the said John Maverick. We know from the unabridged Oxford English Dictionary that cousin-german meant in the 16th and 17th century, as now, what currently is known as "first cousin". Was Radford Maverick, born 1560, son of one Robert Maverick the younger (hitherto unreported in Maverick genealogies)? Or is it possible that Radford Maverick had a nephew John Maverick that was cousin-german to Robert Gye? The said John's paternal grandsire was Robert Maverick of Awliscomb, co. Devon, whose wife's name is not of record. If she was born a Prouse (younger sister of Robert Gye's mother, Mary), then John Maverick's father would have been Robert Gye's cousin-german, and John would have been Robert Gye's cousin-german once removed. This would yield an explanation to the font-name of Radford Maverick, his holding the living at Ilsington, and his being entrusted with the upbringing of Gye's infant daughter, Mary.

These surmises are presented in the hope that they may lead some researcher to facts that will clarify the possible kinship between Radford Maverick and Robert Gye.

As to the parents of the aforesaid John Gey or Gye, it seems that they may have been John Guy and his wife Elizabeth named in the inquisition post mortem of Nicholas Spenser, Esq., of Devonshire, held 1 Nov. 1508, summarized thus:
"Edmund Spencer had wife Joan; he died in Jany. 1497/8; his relict Joan died Jany. 1499/1500. Their daughter is Elizabeth, now wife of John Guy; she is of age thirty years and more. In 1497 Edmund had three sons at school: Robert, Nicholas, and Richard; and three daughters: Joan, Isabel and Elizabeth. Nicholas, the heir of Edmund, has now died and his heir is Elizabeth Guy, his sister, afsd. The next presentation to the advowson of the church of Cowcomb, and lands in Plympton, Dunston, Dynnesbeare, Northcote, Possebury, Trefelbe, Bradelaugh, Bremeridge, East & West Putford, Bridweldene, and Newton Bushnell, are of the inheritance of the said Nicholas." (Cal. of Inq P.M....Henry VII, vol. 3, pg. 343-345, no. 573; vol. 2, p. 103-104, no. 153).
In the Chancery Proceedings about 1500 there is a record of John Guy and Elizabeth his wife, and their suit against Edward Prendergast and Thomasyne his wife regarding deeds as to the manors of Possebury, Treselbe, Bridwildene, Bradelaugh, Kyrton (i.e. Crediton) and Putworth, all in co. Devon (Gt. Brit. Public Record Office. Lists and Indexes, vol. 20, p. 196). It would seem that the aforesaid Spencers were collaterally akin to Sir Robert Spencer of Spencercombe in Crediton, but proof is lacking (cf. F.L. Weis, Ancestral Roots of Sixty New England Colonists, line 1, gen. 34).

John G. Hunt, Arlington, Va.

Genealogy of Mary Gye Maverick

Weis, Frederick Lewis. Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists Who Came to New England between 1623 and 1650. GPC. Baltimore. 1976.
Hunt, John G. The Ancestry of Mary Gye, Wife of the Rev. John Maverick. NEHGR. October, 1968.

10. Henry Fitz Roger
     b.c. 1344
     m. Elizabeth
     d. 1352; Chewton, England
9. John Fitz Roger
     b. betw 1344-1351
     m. Alice
     d. by 1382
8. Elizabeth Roger
     m1 Sir John Bonvyle (d. 1396)
     m2 Richard Stuckley (d. by 1414) of Trent, Somerset
     d. 1414
7. Hugh Stuckley
     b. aft 1398
     sheriff - 1448; Devon County, England
     m. Katherine, dau of John Affeton of Afton, Devon County, England
     d. by 1459
6. Nicholas Stuckley
     m. Thomasine Cokeworthy
5. Sir Thomas Stuckley
     b.c. 1474
     m. Ann Wood, dau of Thomas Wood (b.c. 1477 d. aft 1500)
4. Margery Stuckley
     m. Charles Farringdon
3. Ann Farringdon
     b.c. 1532
     m. Thomas Dowrish Esq. of Dowrish House
     d. 1590; England
2. Grace Dowrish
     m. Robert (b.c. 1531 d. betw 1604-1608), son of John (d. August 14, 1536; Plympton, Devon County, England) and Mary (Prowse) Gye; c. 1555
     d. betw 1604-1608
1. Mary Gye
     b.c. 1580
     m. Rev. John Maverick; October 28, 1600; Islington, England
     d. aft 1666

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